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We stock a comprehensive range of materials, tools and products for:

Stained Glass & Supplies, Glass Fusing, Glass Decorating, Diamond Tools, Engraving, Tiffany Lamps, Lampshade making ETC.



20161S White Swirled w/Ivory   

307S Clear & White

31702S Pale Amber & White

3171S Lt. Amber & White

3172S Med. Amber & White

3176S Dk. Amber & White

31805S Lt. Amber Lamp Mix

3272S Lt. Green & White

3276S Dark Green & White

3371S Pale Blue & White

3372S Light Blue & White

3376S Dark Blue & White

3471S Pale Purple & White

3571S Red & White

3671S Yellow & White

3872S Grey & White

41115G Brown on Gold Streaky Granite

41115S Brown on Gold Streaky

6217S Amber, Green & White

6227S Forest Green & White

6237S Blue, Green & White

6337S Sky Blue, Dark Blue & White

6417S Purple, Amber & White

82372S Teal Green & White

82671S Lime Green & White

82872S SeaFoam Green & White

83872S Colonial Blue & White

83874S Steel Blue & White

84371S Pale Lavender & White




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