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We stock a comprehensive range of materials, tools and products for:

Stained Glass & Supplies, Glass Fusing, Glass Decorating, Diamond Tools, Engraving, Tiffany Lamps, Lampshade making ETC.




CH-1 Flux 

CH-2 Black Patina 

CH-3 Grinder Coolant

CH-4 Bright Copper Patina

 CH-8 Zinc Black

 Mark Stay

CH-31 Oxy Clean

CH-13 Copper Sulphate

CH-12 Glue Chipping Glue

E6000 Glass Clue 

 52210 Spray Adhesive

5216 Mirror Edge Sealer

50970 Flux & Patina Remover

520406 Putty


FB-01 Flux Brush

FA-01 Flux Applicator  

SEC400 & SEC1000 Glass Etching Cream

 UV Glue 




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