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Immitation Leaf
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Imitation Leaf

Packing: Each book contain 25 leaves 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Coverage: Each book will cover 5.25 square feet

Types of Imitation Leaf:

Composition Leaf

Also known as imitation leaf or Dutch gold. Made from brass and combination of zinc and copper. Thickness is approximately 0.3 microns 

Color: #1 is a very deep red gold, composed of 10% zinc, 90% copper. #2 is a red/gold color, composed of 12% zinc and 88% copper. 

#2 1/2 has a color similar to that of 22k gold leaf, composed of 15% zinc and 85% copper. (Color #2 1/2 is the most popular color). 

#3 is a yellow color, composed of 18% zinc and 82% copper.

Aluminum / Silver Leaf

This is silver in color and made from pure aluminum.

Copper Leaf

This is made from pure copper.

Variegated Leaf

This is metal leaf which has been treated to create colorful patterns in the leaf. The random patterns vary from pack to pack. Color:

Red: Copper leaf is the base for red variegated leaf, orange, yellow and slight blue tones are achieved. The predominant color is red and the colors can be intense and of iridescent quality.

Blue & Green: Blue and green variegated leaf are produced from color #2 composition leaf and are similar in color. The blue variegated leaven are selected for a higher prominence of deep blue tones. The green variegated leaves are chosen for their overall subdued and mellow shades.



Imitation Leaf Product List

Products Code Description  
GLIMG-2 Composition leaf color #2 Deep red/Gold
GLA-01 Aluminum Silver Leaf

GLC-01 Copper Leaf

VL-01 Variegated Leaf
VLL-02 Variegated Leaf
VL-03 Variegated Leaf 
VL-04 Variegated Leaf
VL-05 Variegated Leaf



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